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Welcome to BPD Supply Solutions

Welcome to BPD Supply Solutions

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BPD Supply Solutions is a young dynamic company created to provide balance in an increasingly complex landscape. Our commitment to our clients is to provide solutions that support their growth and level out the playing field providing a foundation to compete in their markets. We are a readymade team that provides experience to build upon. 

“Complex Solutions delivered without complexity” 




We offer Strategic Logistic Solutions for all types of projects which require answers to complex challenges.

We take a more holistic view as we understand that success is not only measured by operational achievement but the ability to PlanExecute and Support to create harmony between your commitments and values with what is possible in today’s market.

Acting as an independent guide we are not constrained by your partners normal product range but look to use “out of the box” thinking to provide a plan that you can rely on to deliver.

Welcome to BPD Supply Solutions

The start of any journey requires planning in order to fully understand what is needed and what is possible. It is driven by input from all parties to create a solution that is effective, reliable and robust.  

  • We will create a bespoke solution to deliver your obligations.
  • Support your decision-making process in defining what is required. 
  • Provide input into the design stage to take advantage of efficiencies and cost reductions.  
  • We will ensure we are capturing operational and government conditions. 
  • Provide a clear budget with breakdown so you can have comfort and visibility in what your buying.
  • Act on your behalf in any commercial discussion with the service providers.  
  • Apply risk management practices. 

We will act as your supply chain department and execute the plan on your behalf.   

  • Pro-active delivery of operations. 
  • Own the communication channels to ensure clarity and drive the exchange of intelligent information.  
  • Utilize experience to be reactive to change and minimize the impact on the plan. 
  • Be the subject matter experts for handling non-standard cargo. 
  • Act as the quality guide for all vendor management activities. 

We are committed to driving continual development which may not be just linked to the specifics of a project but to supporting the growth of your company. 

  • Audit current projects or the plans created for future projects to ensure you are getting value and achievable solutions.  
  • Provide support to specific unforeseen problems that are an inherent risk in trying to do what has not been done before 
  • Evaluate your current capabilities and provide training and mentoring support so that you have control over your journey 
  • Evaluate and revaluate pricing structure and identify potential saving opportunities. 


BPD Supply Solutions is a small independent company focused on creating a platform that enables you to compete in markets that may not have been open to you previously.

We pride ourselves on striving to challenge what is currently possible against what can be achieved.

We also understand though that success can only be delivered as a team and our aim is to create the right framework so that we can achieve more together than individually.  

We look to offer a trully global solution as your local partner.

Who am I?

Being in the Industry for over 25 years I have shipped on 6 out of 7 continents with only Antarctica still on my bucket list (although I have visitied this amazing place) and used pretty much every mode of transport. Whether by Road, Rail, Sea or Air I have created solutions to complex projects that have supported the obligations of the project.  

I have had the pleasure to sit on both sides of the table acting as the shipper and the shipping company and can understand that sometimes there is a mismatch in language that works against success. I understand that what you require is more than just moving items around the world but pulling together groups of disconnected operations to ensure you are meeting your promises. 

BPD Supply Solutions Sam Hardwick
Sam Hardwick BSc(Hons) FMILT CSCP


If you want someone trustworthy, experienced and can ensure your project is fulfilled on time and within budget then please get in touch.

Tel:  +971 56 162 8299