How did it start?

By luck…. (Now that is a short story)…

Not sure which side of the good / bad coin I fell on as some days actually, a lot of days it feels like both, sometimes even at the same time.

It all started with a girl, well it all started with a boy (me) that had just left University with really no idea what they wanted to do, so they followed all there friends and moved to down to London and become a graduate trainee (sounds impressive right!!). In fairness it was actually a lot of fun, partying in London for 2 years, but living in a small flat with 4 other people, living paycheck to paycheck blah blah blah, its not an original story.

There was a point though when I decided that I didn’t want this path that I was building and wanted to see the world, so I did. After a few months planning (and actually moving back home) I packed my bags and went to Asia. I know it sounds like a cliché but in the early 2000 it wasn’t as worn a path, it was an unknown adventure for a 20 something guy from Rotherham.

I have lots of stories but that would be for a different type of blog. Anyway it was an amazing experience and I met a girl. We travelled together and when it was time for us to go back to normality, I decided I didn’t want to return back to the UK so I followed her to Austria and to a small town near to the border to Hungary.

In reality it was a crazy decision, I didn’t speak German to be with someone that I had only just met during a holiday. Spoiler alert we have been together 18 years so maybe the crazy worked.

Again different story, anyway at the start we had to face a lot of challenges and the main one was what can I do for a job, I didn’t speak German (although after 3 years of torture I did finally manage to get somewhere). After a lot of searching and doing some random jobs (I sold land to the British, worked as a floorer and taught English poorly) I finally managed to land a proper job working as an Airfreight Importer Coordinator for a Korean Freight Forwarder.

This is where the luck came in, I had very little experience and the only real value is that I spoke was English, it however seemed that I was quite good at “moving stuff”. This piece of luck is ultimately what allowed me to stay in Austria build my life and then see the rest of the world doing something that I actually found out I am passionate about and quite good at (even if I do say so myself)

For me specifically the searching that made me quit a good job in London (where I was actually doing well) an venture out on my own is probably one of the best characteristics that I have that maybe fits into the world of Logsitics, the ability to plan change, actually deliver change and then manage the challenges that come day to day with the complexity of moving items physically over massive distances through harsh environment.

Allowing the uncertainty to be part of the journey and having the skill and the teams around you to create something that wasn’t done before, because every time you ship something even if it has been done regularly in the past every shipment is unique as every moment in time creates unique conditions for shipping.