Why build BPD? What does Success mean?

To make loads of money….isn’t that the answer to why we work!!

Being honest money is a motivator but not the only one or really even the main one.

I am very much like you! I have always worked for someone else and for most of the time I have found this satisfying, working for a company has given me the time and the ability to develop my skills, yes sometimes it is the absolute definition of madness, but I have for the main found it to be a more positive and fulfilling experience.

Working in teams with people from around the world has taught me more about myself than sometimes I would care to admit, being a Logistics person is all about communication, our reach is far and wide  (Oh a truck went off a cliff in Madagascar, Sam can you jump on a plane, Sam some of our guys have been kidnapped in the Congo, what can we do? Thankfully no major damage but sometimes wonder how a guy from Rotherham, UK is in Korea creating a plan for the Winter Olympics)

Without working for a company, I would never have had these experiences and maybe not become the developed sophisticated, intelligent……. sorry got carried away then. What was my point again!? Ahh yes, the benefits of working for a company. Ultimately it’s a right of passage that can bring a wealth of experience

Until (dah dah dah, ominous music)…. I started wanting to make a difference, or at least have control of making a difference. I am a great fan of change and creating the environment for change, this is for me what makes a leader more than a manager. One is a job title and the other is a drive to create change.

I work in an industry that doesn’t like change, we create change for others because of the product /output of what we do day to day however as an innovator of ourselves we haven’t really moved past the creation of the container in 1959 by Malcolm Mclean. The impact of this changed the world because fundamentally it created the ability to move more volume cheaper. I could safely say this change affected everyone on the planet.

You may be thinking pff this dude has no idea what he is talking about what about Track and Trace, automation, the net-zero activities, the logistics world is constantly changing. These are the buzzwords that have been gaining ground for the last few years, I would also need to add Drones, AI, electric vessels, robot vessels and anything else the last salesperson that came into your office mentioned. Because at the heart of it these are more sales initiatives than actual changes in how we operate.

I love being part of an industry that is so diverse, with so many different factors and that plays a role in everybody’s life, most of the time without them noticing it, going into a supermarket and having what you want on the shelf is not an accident, it takes teams of people, working in more companies that you would imagine so that really you don’t have to think about logistics. The success of logistics is something that no one sees.

So, I set up BPD because of the potential that is still in front of us. I see an Industry that can operate more efficiently and provide a more effective solution, that can lead the drive to be a better partner for the environment whilst still focusing on delivering real-time value to its clients.  Where we can reduce some of the waste (time, money and effort) in reality what drives a lot of the operations, track and trace is only as good as the people on the ground entering the data, and automation is only as good as the people stocking the shelves, impacting net-zero is only as good as efficient route planning

So why BPD, because I want to make a difference and maybe leave the world slightly better than I found it, is that too much to ask.

And to earn loads of money!!

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